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Get a fully mobile responsive website for just $849

This package INCLUDES:

- 1 year free domain registration
- 1 year free web hosting (basic plan)
- SSL certificate
- Training and support

Cash flow tight? Don't worry!

We can work with most budgets and  can arrange reasonable  time payment plans.

Get online now with your own custom site.

Web Services Just For You

With over 17 years of experience in quality web services, we can handle every type of need and situatoon for your organizations's success.
Do it yourself websites.

Meet Leia

Leia can build a clean, custom, scrolling website for your business in seconds, starting with a simple voice command.

Custom websites built by A.I. for free in minutes.

Leia uses artificial intelligence to design and publish beautiful, mobile responsive websites for businesses. All you do is describe the website you want, sit back, and watch the magic happen.

Build websites with your voice!
Want to build your site with a voice command?

Leia can do that for you.

Redesign website with one click.
Don't like the site that Leia has built for you? Change with one click only.

Easy to access and understand menu buttons
See how your site will look on different devices
Edit text, images and other aspects of your site without knowing a line of code!
Move sections of your website up or down with simple buttons
Add new sections with as many columns you need and different types of content are available
See how your site will look on different devices
Go back to previous revision with just one click!
Don't like the menu icon? Change it

Build your own site now

Get started today, quit anytime.
No contract or commitment needed.
Leia Pro - $4.99 / month
Leia Business - $9.99 / month

Is your site secure?

Does your site have that little green lock on it next to the address line of the browser? Handy Web Guy LLC can get you set up with SSL certification for your website immediately.

You don't need to know a thing about SSL certificates or how to set them up even.
Piece of mind at only $6.25 / month.
** All certificates billed annually.
Every password on every device. Login automatically.
Save a password once and it is automatically sent to all your devices. PC, Mac, iOS and Android. Visit a website and your username and passwords are entered automatically for you. Protection from security breaches. Creates unique, strong passwords that are different for every site.
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Is your site secure?

Get started with a no-risk free trial!

  • We may suggest additional enhancements or services, but we don't "pad invoices" or "invent work". If you're tired of constantly being upsold by "Big Box" web services, you'll find a home with us.
  • The client is always the "Boss". Recommendations from Handy Web Guy LLC are accepted, but at the end of the day, it's the wishes, desires and needs of the client that are deployed. We have heard of many a case where the designer' work and product were "forced" on the client, this will never be the case with Handy Web Guy LLC.
  • Hate silence? Emails and phone calls are replied to within 24-48 hours of receipt and usually much sooner than that, even if it's just to "touch base" with the client.
  • Your project / website is your livelihood and we always treat it that way. It's not just "another account" with Handy Web Guy LLC.
  • The client will always receive constant contact and communications during projects with Handy Web Guy LLC.
  • We will do our best to quote estimated price up front to eliminate "sticker shock". We don't use manipulative practices to sell services.
  • We strive to bring honesty and integrity to web services!